What A Super Bowl VIII We Just Witnessed

Posted by GRW/OWNER on Feb 4th 2019

Hey there ya Krazys. I hope everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl. I didn't have a team in this fight but either way it turned out great. The best part is that no matter which team won, I had the opportunit … read more

New Products Dropping Like It's Hot!!!!

Jan 23rd 2019

Whatsup Krazys. It's that time of year again. The previous years products will be going into the clearance bins and the new stuff will be delivered and fulfilled if you pre-ordered them. The firs … read more

What A NFL Championship Weekend

Posted by GRW/OWNER on Jan 20th 2019

Whatsup Krazys. The title says just about everything but I'll say it again. What a NFL championship weekend we just wrapped up. Both games went to overtime. Both games had the best active veteran pair … read more

The Ball Has Dropped, What's That Mean For Us???

Posted by GRW/OWNER on Jan 17th 2019

What's shaking krazys? The ball has dropped on 2019. We all know that right? What else might that mean for us?It means that the new & fresh products have began to drop and hit the shelves. This is … read more